Google Task Mate launching soon in India

Google tasting a new app in India called task mate. on this app, users complete simple tasks after they earn money in local currency.

According to the source in this Google Task Mate app, you can do tasks like clinking a picture of your nearby store, surveys, translations, transcriptions, and more. The app is currently in beta test and this is limited to selected testers through a referral code system.

The task is divided into two parts one is sitting and another one is field task, in the sitting task you can do surveys, transcribe and translations, etc from home. Infield task you need to go outdoor nearby location like shop, business park, monuments, and famous places to help google to improve their google map local services.

According to screenshots on google play, some of the tasks might include ‘record spoke sentences’, ‘check shop details’ or ‘go-to location shown on the pin and take a photo of shopfront’. after a task is completed, users can cash out by registering their e-wallet or payment partner and transferring the funds into their account.

currently, you cant use this app on your smartphone because this application is in beta developer mode. after downloading this app you need to enter a referral code to use this app and earn some money by doing the simple tasks on their smartphone.

you can participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. tasks can be completed anywhere or at any time. after earning specified money you need to register a third-party payment processor. when you are ready to withdrawal money simply register your wallet or account with task mate payment partner, then visit your profile page and tap the cash out button. you can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency.

some information like when this app available for all users across India or who much time we get to complete this task and thereafter if we not done the task at given specified time so what happens next

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